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Starfield Creation Kit | Layers

In this video, I'll be covering how to make use of layers in the Starfield Creation Kit, allowing you to control groups of references within the render window. This includes features such as highlighting, visibility and freezing groups of objects.

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Udo Neumann
Udo Neumann
3 days ago


how can i change a texture?

I will change the texture from a scope and for that, i have extract the texture-BSA. Than i've painted the dds-file and created a texture-folder in the Datafolder with the original path usw, and so on.

When i open the creationkit, i can see the new texture for the scope but in the game there is nothing.

By Skyrimcreationkit it was a little bit easier.

Can you help?

Sorry for the bad english. It's a long time ago, since i was in school.

Greeting from


Essen, Germany

Me gusta
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