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Millwater Retreat Released!

To the joy of some and probably the surprise of many, I have just released a complete re-creation of one of my favourite mod concepts, Millwater Retreat. For those of you who are unaware, Millwater Retreat is a player home located just up stream from Riverwood on the edge of Lake Ilinalta which can also be used to earn the player a small amount of income through the use of labourers.

I first created this mod 7 years ago, shortly after Skyrim was first launched with an old Steam friend, however I quickly took over the entire project and pretty much made it my own. It went through several transitions until eventually I removed the mod from the Nexus and added it to my Old Projects collection due to the performance issues and lacking quality.

This time around, the mod is far better designed in both visuals and on the implementation side of things. There are more detailed features and a far greater attention to detail. You can rebuild the shack using various materials depending on your smithing skill or hire workers to perform the restoration for you. Swap out rugs, shelving items, furnishings and workstations to make the home feel like your own.

In addition, you can hire labourers to earn you some cash, along with guards to help protect the land and your earnings from bandits. There's also a nice collections of hidden secrets for you to find, along with a little backstory behind the mill.

So download the mod over on the Nexus today and let me know your thoughts in the comments. The mod is available for both legacy and Special Edition for the PC. Plans to port this to console may come at a later date.

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