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Morskom Estate Progress

Hey everyone, I thought it was time to show you all a little of what has been going on in the background during my modding time other than A Cat's Life which is also progressing well. The other day I posted a YouTube Video which discussed the shift of my modding focus and its return to the Morskom Estate Rebuild Project (MERP). I recommend watching that if you haven't already, especially if you're a fan of the mod. Anyway, today's post is about giving you some images of the progress of MERP in case you've not been able to catch my live streams or was not aware that they even existed. Below you'll find a collection of images from the alpha version of the rebuild. Do note that much of what you will see has bugs, glitches and missing items throughout. The lighting isn't finalised, nor is the item placement. These images just show the current state of things and hopefully portray how the new version of the mod is planned to look and feel. Things to take note of are some of the layout changes and the attempt to make the interior and exterior more fitting to the Dawnstar architecture whilst still drawing somewhat from other areas of Skyrim. I also have a collection of texture mods installed, so this isn't 100% representative of how your own game would look with the mod installed. I hope you all like the images and the direction that I'm planning on taking with the rebuild. The idea is to cut down a lot of unnecessary resources and clutter in order to vastly improve the performance of the mod and bring it into 2019. Happy modding!

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