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Change to Live Streams

Hey everyone, this is a quick announcement to let you know that I have become a Twitch affiliate and that this will result in some changes to the live streams. What does being a Twitch affiliate mean? The main thing is that I'll now be streaming exclusively to the Twitch platform. This makes sense to keep the process of streaming simple, allow for the introduction of community-driven features, and also just provide a more unified streaming experience. What about YouTube viewers?

If you watch from the YouTube platform, unfortunately, you'll need to tune in from Twitch instead, however, I still plan on releasing the stream VODs one to two days after they have taken place, amongst the new tutorials and other videos coming to the YouTube channel.

Why make the change?

The main reason is that YouTube has done very little to improve their streaming service and we don't see a ton of viewership through YouTube streaming. The features and advantages that come with Twitch streaming outweigh the negatives of losing multi-streaming to YouTube.

When does this happen?

It already has. YouTube streams stopped a couple of weeks back, so if you haven't caught me live on YouTube recently, it's because I've been giving Twitch-only streaming a test run to make sure it was the right direction first. My core schedule has remained the same, however, there will be a new schedule put in place and displayed on the new website once it's complete.

How can I get notified?

Hit the bell icon on the Twitch page linked on this page and you should get an email or Twitch app notification when I go live. I also announce mine and other's streams in the Watchtower on my Discord channel.

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