Minor Mods Removal

Hey everyone, this is a short announcement regarding the removal of some of my smaller and older projects from their own dedicated pages on the Skyrim Nexus. Every year or so I tend to take projects I consider to have been unpopular or a lower standard than my other work and transfer them into my Old Projects page on the Nexus.

This helps keep the focus on what I consider to be my best work and allows me to have a better overview of what I am working on and managing project-wise. Below you will find a list of the mods I have taken down, along with a link to their new home should you wish to download them still or even take them on for your own projects.

Hide & Seek - Not very popular and too small to have its own page

The Chicken Returns - New and improved version in the works

Merchants of Skyrim - New version currently being tested and soon to be released

Along with the news of mods being removed and placed in what I consider to be my graveyard of mods, there are new and improved versions of some mods already on the way. One of those mods is Merchants of Skyrim that I am happy to report is completed and will soon be released to Patrons on tier 2 and above for testing. Early indications are that there are little to no issues and I plan on releasing it in the coming weeks, so lookout for a video and announcement on that one.

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