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The Skyrim Update

Hello all, apologies for being in the shadows for so long. The truth is that since I took on my new job in October of last year, it's had me very invested in the work I do and love, leaving little time for my other responsibilities and interests, modding being one of them.

I do still have some mods in development, one of which is slated for release over Christmas and another that I'm streaming the development of as and when I can.

Why come out of the shadows now Dark you might ask? Well, it's because of Bethesda's most recent update for Skyrim. I think this came as a surprise to many and I may consider making a short video on the subject this coming Friday.

This short announcement is to state that I WILL NOT be creating any "paid" content for Skyrim and all of my existing mods shall remain free to download. I'm sure many of you who have known me for some time already knew this would be the case but it's good to ensure everyone has that confirmation. In short, I don't need the money and putting a pay wall on previously free content that thousands of people have embedded in their load order would be "a dick move" on my part.

If I don't pop up before the holidays, have a fantastic Christmas (if you celebrate it) and a happy new year!

For reference: Bethesda Patch Notes


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