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Claim a Horse Released

Hey everyone, I have just released a mod that may surprise a lot of you as I never really officially announced it until today. It's a small project with a simple goal in mind; the ability to claim a horse that you find out in the wild. There is an optional method for claiming owned horses but it's disabled by default.

Using Horse Rope that can be crafted at the tanning, purchased at a vendor or found at one of the stables across Skyrim, you can claim almost any horse in the game as your own. This is useful for those role-playing characters that have little money or have just started out in the game. There are a couple of mods out there that cover this but I wanted something to go alongside Convenient Horses and this is it. Please check out the video, let me know your thoughts and enjoy the mod. I have more mods coming, including some larger projects so keep your eyes open for those in the coming weeks!

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