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A Cat's Life - Developer's Live Stream - 16:00 GMT

Hey everyone, I'm going to be returning to live streaming today after a short break. I'll be featuring my new mod A Cat's Life which I've already posted two videos about a month or so back. I do intend to continue that short video series, however I thought it would be a great idea to give the modding community the opportunity to pitch in with ideas, ask questions about the mod and give their general feedback live.

For those unable to make the live stream but wanting to see the progress of the mod, I'll be releasing the stream publicly on my YouTube channel shortly after it has ended. The stream will run for approximatley two hours and I'll be going through most features of the mod and showcasing new additions that have yet to be seen.

If this sounds like fun and you would like to have some valuable input with the mod, then feel free to come and join me at 16:00 GMT. For those with any feedback after the stream, you can always drop me thoughts on this Reddit post as I'll be active this weekend.

Thanks for reading and happy modding!

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