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Caranthir Tower Reborn Update 3.1 Incoming

As many of you are aware, Caranthir Tower Reborn has been carrying a very annoying issue for some time now with the dark magic introduced in update 2.0. This Dark Magic has come to be known as the Kel Do Faraan Scroll and it's been bugged out causing multiple issues with people's save games. Although I do place a strict warning in the game and I intend for the magic to have extreme circumstances, I never intended for the scroll to break your game.

I'm sorry that it's taken this long for an update to come and solves the problem, along with some other final bugs with the mod but I've just been burnt out on the project and needed a break. Now I'm back, and I'll be releasing an update to fix remaining issues, including the scroll. You'll then see that the dark magic is not as bad many were led to believe due to the bug. You actually have a fair amount of time until the magic kills you and as long as you create a few of the antidote, your character will be fine.

Furthermore, I've decided to add an additional feature in order to alleviate the burden of the dark magic if it fails. Once the new update is released, you will find an option in the MCM to control a new feature for automatically taking the antidote as long as you are carrying one in your inventory. There will also be a collection of unobtrusive messages to inform the player of the current state of the dark magic.

All through this year and the last, I've been saying how this mod will not receive any further updates, and for now I will be sticking to what I have said. With that said, never say never as this mod still may hold a lot of potential for further polish and features. I would like to thank everyone for their continued support, especially those donating to me on Patreon as your pledges help fund my future modding endeavours.

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