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The Code of Mauloch

The Code of Mauloch allows the player to create their own Orc Stronghold in the mountains of Skyrim.​ Starting out with a few small huts, you'll eventually create a large stronghold with a longhouse, guard posts and homes for those you recruit into your clan.

Clan members can be sent on quests to bring back food or slay your enemies, bring back spoils if they are successful. Choose from a selection of vanilla game Orcs or from a selection of new characters placed in the world.

True to the style of my other mods, you'll have some customisation for your stronghold including banners, mounted heads on your longhouse and more.

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Merchants of Skyrim

Skyrim can sometimes feel like its missing vendors in certain places. That's where Merchants of Skyrim comes in. This mod will add more stores in specific locations around Skyrim, making use of empty spaces in unique ways.

The best part is, the player has the ability to choose which stores go where and what they sell, allowing you to finally add that bookstore in Riverwood or the forge into Morthal.

The project was initially going to try and cover huge sections of the game but it's going to be scaled back a little to keep its charm.

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