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Update on Things

Hey everyone, for those of you unaware, I've just spent a week on holiday which is why the mod updates and live streams stopped. I've since returned and done two live streams working on Morskom Estate and also started the process of getting back into the modding side of things. I thought this would be a great opportunity to provide a little update on various bits and bobs. Please see below: The Dark Trello As some of you know, especially those who tune into the streams; I like to use Trello to manage my thoughts and mod projects. Some time ago I set up a Trello for my work in general which people could check out to see where I am with the things I'm working on. This had been left dead and baron for some time but I've just gone ahead and updated it to reflect everything I am planning for 2020 along with dropping the unrealistic targets. Please check it out if you're interested in seeing mod update progress and potential upcoming videos and other content. Website Along with keeping things updated and true to what I'm actually doing at the moment, the website has received an update to better display on mobile devices and provide more updated information on my current mod projects. You can also find links to the separate Trello boards for my individual mod projects. Millwater Retreat The release of my little side project Millwater Retreat went superbly well and it's the perfect recreation of the original from 7 years ago. People have been very helpful in providing bug reports which are helping with the upcoming 2.0 update which plans to fix the remaining minor issues and oversights as well as provide additional features for the mod. More details can be found on the Trello board. Morskom Estate As I'm sure you are all aware, Morskom Estate is pushing closer to meeting its release date which was announced in the new trailer two weeks ago. I cannot believe it's been that long already. General polish and testing for remaining bugs is underway, especially during the live streams, so be sure to tune in if you want to see the progress or just brace yourself for the release on 07/02/20! Other Projects Apart from Millwater Retreat and Morskom Estate, I've been working on Oars Rest as a side project which is also half way through development. I'll be placing this on hold until the other two are sorted. There's also A Cat's Life which I hope to get tested and finished before mid-year. Additionally, I plan on picking something else back up later this year but I'll leave that for another announcement. Live Streams With all of the above on the horizon, it's time to kick off some more live streaming this coming week and get the schedule sorted. I've gone ahead and updated the events section on the website and I plan on doing a few streams this week covering Morskom, Millwater and more.


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