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My Pet Boar Coming Soon

Hey everyone, I've just finished a small project I've been sitting on for some time and finally took some time get it polished and released as a beta on my Patreon before its final released in a week or so. I'll either have a video on the mod up on YouTube announcing the release or just drop a post out; it depends on time allowing.

The new mod is called My Pet Boar and those of you who tune into my Twitch streams may be aware of it. It's a small project that allows you to find and heal a Bristleback wounded in the woods near Windhelm. Once healed, he becomes a pet follower that you can mount and ride, as well as have carry your belongings. Although a small project, it took some time to figure out how to get the riding/dialogue parts working and even has a tiny backstory with it. It's cute, fun and hopefully a little unique compared to other animal follower mods. You can name and feed him apples too!

So look out for My Pet Boar in the coming week or so.

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