Millwater Retreat 2.0

Millwater Retreat 2.0 has now been released and comes with a huge changelog focussed on fixing bugs, adding improvements, tweaks and some new features. After the initial release, I went away and continued work on the Mörskom Estate rebuild in addition to this update which is now good to go. 90% of the changes to the mod should take effect with existing saves as I've been very careful to make sure those who have already started the mod can reap the benefits of the new update. I don't plan on creating any further updates to this mod as I feel it's complete and as polished as it can be. It's time to move onto finishing Mörskom and then get my new projects underway. Should Millwater Retreat 2.0 go well without any major issues, I may consider taking some time to release the mod on console. SPECIAL EDITION DOWNLOAD LEGACY DOWNLOAD

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