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A Cat's Life Updated

A bit of an unexpected post but I have just updated A Cat's Life to version 1.2. This new update has been worked on over the past two days in an effort to go over old projects and put them to bed. Essentially, before I continue to move forward with some exciting new projects, I wanted to rest easy knowing my existing work is in a good state.

There are no new features in this update other than some tweaks to improve the look and feel of some elements of the mod. The rest of the update contains tweaks and fixes to improve the overall experience and resolve some minor issues here and there. The biggest change however is the addition of a FOMOD installer, allowing all available patches to be easily installed alongside the main files without dealing with multiple installations.

Please note that those updating from the previous two versions of the mod may not experience all of the changes with existing save games. This is simply due to the nature in which the game handles updates. The full changelog can be found on the mod page linked below, so make sure you give it a good read as there may be some changes you need to know before installing the update.

I hope you all like the new update and continue to enjoy the mod going forward. Up next is Riverside Shack.

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