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A Dog's Life 1.1 Released

Thanks to everyone for their feedback on the mod, which has helped shape update 1.1. This update doesn't just fix some minor issues with the mod, but it also adds new content and features that I think you'll all enjoy. New Features (Not All) Breed Changing (via MCM) Skin Changing (via MCM) New Armours (Ebony & Dragonplate) Dog Perks (Improved Stealth) New Race (Kelpie Dog) Tracking Per Dog No Stupid Dog Option (via MCM) Built-In "Bring Meeko to Lod" New Lite Requirement Spell Perk Item Distributor has been used to distribute the perks to dogs, rather than performing multiple direct edits and the need for too many tricky patches. This is not required for the mod to work but will affect whether perks are added to dogs. Without SPID, you don't get stealth-related perks such as Muffle and LightFoot. Spell Perk Item Distributor SPID

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