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A Cat's Life Development

A Cat's Life has been in development for 8 months and the progress of the mod has been fantastic. We've been able to take an old resource which has never really had a chance to flourish and used it to create an immersive and detailed mod which allows the player to purchase and adopt cats in the world of Skyrim.

This article is a general update on the mod along with links to the most recent videos which have been released since I've not had the opportunity to keep up with this bulletin board for some time. In addition to what people already knew prior to this update article, I have some exciting news for the mod. EARLY PREVIEWS

So for those of you still unaware of what this mod is, what is hopes to achieve and haven't yet seen the videos, check out the introduction which also leads into some gameplay footage of the mod in alpha on Skyrim Special Edition.

There's a lot more to come from these videos too in future including the purchase and needs systems, along with some additional features.

Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel for more.


As I said, the mod has come on leaps and bounds since it was announced way back in February and during the live streams we've had some great moments and a lot of fun making this mod. Most of the base features have been put in place and I'm excited for potential future additions. The needs system which was originally going to be scrapped has been added and is so fare functioning as expected. The stray cats also have fully functional dialogue and can be adopted, along with the purchase of cats from stores.

The feeding of cats is also fully implemented with the exception of some general polish being needed. Bowls can be placed down, picked back up and cats will run over to eat some food. There are various bowl designs and items which can be added to bowls, making for some nice variations of what you can give your cat.

Until the time of this post, I was waiting on some dialogue to be recorded so that the mod can begin the process of having some interesting shop keepers, rather than the currently muted and somewhat emotionless characters we have. This leads me to the good news...


Many thanks go out to CouchwarriorTV (Stu) for his awesome voice acting for both Melvin and Jorn - two cousins who own the pet stores in the mod. One resides in Whiterun (Melvin) while the other is in Riften (Jorn). Both have somewhat different personalities and that is going to be reflected in their dialogue lines. Stu sent across some generic lines to be added and there are more detailed dialogue lines to be recorded which will allow the player to did a little into some backstory about the stores and also give some dynamic feedback on the player's reputation when it comes to cats.

If you're a Khajiit, unique dialogue lines will be voice, while if you've been treating your cats poorly and had some unfortunate deaths from either starvation or murdering them they may refuse to sell anything to you.


The next stages for this mod are to get as much dialogue implemented as possible until the final dialogue lines can be added. We'll then be moved on with polishing up what we already have and testing everything to make sure it works. Depending on time constraints and the general progress of the mod, I may be happy to add some additional features and further flesh out the mod.

I'm looking forward to the future of this mod and other projects I'm working. I would also like to thank my Patrons for their continued support which helps to fuel the creation of my mods and other content.

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