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PC Upgrade & Quick Update

Just a little update for everyone in regards to live streaming and my computer setup.

The past few days have been a little stressful on the tech side of things which is why there have been a couple of stream cancellations. Thanks to the amazing support of patrons and tippers on stream, I've been able to save my money over a long period of time (and with the help of a birthday) get my computer upgraded.

Overall the system is far more stable, runs faster and should be a much better machine to create my content on and do live streaming. I've finally been able to move across to Intel and ditch AMD. I'm now running more up to date hardware which should serve me well for years to come. I've lost a little RAM but I can just add to the that later down the line and double or triple what I had before.

I still have hardware that I would like to upgrade in the future, but for now I'm extremely happy with the changes and I'm ready to get back to creating mods and streaming. I'm not sure on the future of the YouTube channel and tutorials right now as it really depends on some things and I have ideas which need testing out.

For those wondering why streams have been cancelled of late it's due to the above and also real life stuff being a little crazy but it's all carming down now.

Thanks for reading and for your continued support.

For those interested in my exact setup information including hardware and software, you can check it out on in this Google Sheets Document:

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