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Caranthir Tower Reborn 3.1 Full Release

Caranthir Tower Reborn 3.1 has now been fully released on both editions of Skyrim. Any remaining issues with the dark magic should be fixed, along with a collection of other issues. Please be sure to read the sticky posts on both mod pages for more information and check the changelog on the Legacy page for specifics. At this point I'm done with making changes or adding content to the mod. I need to move on to new and exciting projects, as well as some Special Edition releases of other mods. Caranthir Tower is simply not fun for me to mod anymore either and I'm only coming back to it because you all love it so much. I look forward to releasing Shalidor's Migrant Portals come the 1st May and getting more projects out later this year.

Thanks for the continued support and happy modding!

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