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Project Modularity Re-Released!

Hey everyone, this is a quick heads up for those of you interested in my Project Modularity resource which was hidden some months back due to a large change taking place with the organisation of the files and exactly what Project Modularity was supposed to be. Initially, it was intended to be a banner which all of my future mods would be under and the files from these future mods would be incorporated in the project and available for download as they were created. I intended to have regular updates which would provide more and more resources as I created them. This turned out to be a bad plan, so I went back to the drawing board on what PM was going to stand for. I've now re-released this resource which is still going to include a large amount of my assets and other creations but in a far less confusing way. This is now literally just a resource but split up into easy to download chunks. I'll be separating everything by resource type. Over time I will continue to add to the resource as I create more and more mod content and assets. This is far better for people to understand and you can still follow the progress of my creations over on Twitch where I live stream throughout the week. I hope you all enjoy the content and happy modding!

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