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2018 Plans

Back with a Bang!

Hey everyone, it’s now 2018 and it’s time to get back into modding and regular live streams. I know everything has been a little quiet on the YouTube and Twitch front, but I've actually been doing some really cool stuff since the New Year started.

Firstly, the website has finally been sorted out in terms of design, usability and connectivity to all of my work. My social media pages have all been organised too and work on arranging my YouTube videos will begin shortly.

This is all in an effort to sort my content out so that people have access to everything they need without running into constant broken links or old projects. I'm also going to be making sure the live stream setup is easily transferable to different locations for when I travel away.

Live streaming will commence tomorrow at the usual time of 8PM UK but there are some changes to the schedule. Some of you will have noticed the few mid-day live streams I ran just before the holidays and they've actually been somewhat successful. These streams allow me to continue working on mods when I'm travelling away, instead of just cancelling streams all together.

My old Monday, Wednesday, Thursday schedule is making a comeback, although it’s yet to be seen as to whether that will be permanent. The website’s new events page and streaming page outline everything you need to know so that you never miss a stream.

YouTube videos are also going to be continuing once I'm settled back into streaming and projects back underway. Old videos may have a brush-up, new videos will be made and I'm hoping to take the channel in an interesting direction if I'm able to put together a recording setup that meets my needs. More about YouTube will be announced at a later date.

So that’s the rough plan, so I hope to see you all there. Thanks for the continued support and a big thanks to my patrons who help make these improvements possible.

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