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Caranthir Tower Reborn 3.0 SE Released!

I am finally able to announce that Caranthir Tower Reborn has officially been released for Skyrim Special Edition. It's been one hell of a ball ache but I got it in a working state eventually. It's been tested on multiple rigs multiple times over, so here's to hoping everything got packed up and uploaded correctly. The mod can now be found on the Skyrim Special Edition Nexus on its own dedicated mod page. The images need updating which will be done in a week or so when I have access to my own rig but the mod itself is ready to go.

The new 3.0 update is included in this addition and the changelog will be available in a week also for the same reason. There are some changes for improvement, some due to mesh issues and also a number of additions to the mod. It's been polished off to a standard I am very happy with now.

The legacy edition will be released next week too as I want to see how the Special Edition version goes just in case of any unforeseen issues with 3.0 itself.

So please feel free to go ahead and download Caranthir Tower Reborn Special Edition from the Nexus and be sure to endorse if you enjoy the mod! Thanks for the continued support and happy modding everyone!

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