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Big Announcement

I'm going to start with the good news for you all and let you know what you can expect over the next week. Firstly, I'm going to be releasing Caranthir Tower Reborn Special Edition tomorrow, along with the 3.0 update for legacy edition. It's been a much longer wait than expected due to complications with putting the mod together and fixing SSE related issues. Long story short, with the introduction of SKSE64 I've been able to quickly update the mod for a special edition release. The mod page is all good to go and the files are being uploaded as this article is sent out. Unfortunately the mod testing didn't really go as planned but I managed to get a few people on the job who were able to confirm that issues were few and far between. I also loaded the mod up myself in SSE and everything appears to run fine. I'm going to go ahead and upload the mod and see how people get on with it. Any small bugs can be fixed in time but I consider the mod done after this update, at least for the time being. Further details on CTR 3.0 SSE (even longer name now) will be released tomorrow as it rolls out to the Skyrim Nexus, but for now let's get on with the other not so great news. OK, so I had plans to release YouTube videos and do some live streams this week which would have put me back on track, especially with the mic setup being completed, however sometimes real life throws something at you, which is what's happened here. For reasons I cannot discuss (it's not serious, fear not) I'm not going to be live streaming until next Wednesday. I won't have access to my main rig and I've got some stuff I need to deal with. I will however be planning for my return and getting some tedious tasks done that I've been planning for some time. This includes finally releasing CTR, updating YouTube video descriptions, sorting out mod resources and adding a few final touches to the website. Once I come back, I'll be able to focus on looking forward to the new instead of getting old stuff finished. I want to drop a massive thank you to old and new Patrons who have supported me over the last year or so. The same goes to those who donate to me through PayPal. You've been a huge help and your contributions are allowing me to upgrade equipment and create better content. That's going to show once things have settled down, especially now I'm all moved into my new apartment. I look forward to coming back and shoving a ton of awesome in your face (take that however you will). Happy modding people and stay safe out there in the harsh lands of Skyrim.

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