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The Return & State of Things!

So, where's all the content gone and why are there no streams?

If any of you follow the live streaming or are active on the community Discord, you will know that I'm in the process of moving house. On October 2nd I'm scheduled to move in to a new place and I had to move out of my old flat nine days ago from the time of this post. I'm currently living with friends and family.

Obviously this means that I am without my computer and normal setup for a few weeks so there's no chance of any content or at least not the normal schedule anyway. There won't be any YouTube videos until I come back and the ones I have planned can be found on the events section of my website.

As for live streams, it's possible I'll be able to do one or two with simsim899 soon and before I move in but this is dependant on a few things which I cannot go into. I'm not going to promise any streams other than one planned for my return on October 5th and one over the weekend on October 8th.

I'll be doing some new setup introduction and modding for the first stream back and then doing a Sims 4 gaming night for the second night. After this point I plan on making some changes to the streaming and video release schedules to better line up with or streamers of modding and to make a more reliable timeframe for myself.

On top of the move and plans for changing the schedule, I'll be using the money from Patreon to buy some much need equipment that will help me run a better stream and create new content for the YouTube channel as promised.

So I want to yet again thank you all for your continued support and I look forward to returning on October 5th, the usual time.

Thanks for reading!

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