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The Lost Observatories (Early Preview)

Welcome to something a little different and special. The last month I have been working on a new mod named The Lost Observatories. It's something I came up with some months back and I decided to go ahead and add to the idea and start building the mod. This mod is part of Project Modularity, meaning that anything created here is going to be shared if it's assets created by me. This will include things such as meshes, textures and modular scripts. This mod is based heavily around Snow Elf lore and you'll actually get to see a surviving Snow Elf at a later stage of the mod. There are four observatories in the mod which overlook some fantastic views of Skyrim. There's going to be a quest linked with the mod which I'll have to get some assistance with but hopefully the it's going to be quite the experience for the player.

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