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Website Changes

Since the new website was launched, I have noticed a few things which I felt didn't make too much sense. To that end, I have made a some changes I would like to make you aware of. This will also affect those who have signed up to the website. First of all, he resource page was filled with links which all sent you to a login page which then provided a different version of the resources page where you could actually go ahead and download the files you wanted. That made very little sense and was confusing. I have now put everything into the one resource page which requires you to sign in before you can access it. The second change is one which will affect the way that people who contact me and those signed up to the site will be engaged. I have removed the subscription service on the website as it was confused with the sign up option. The subscription service for blog post updates will now me included with signing up to the website. You can however just email me if you want to opt out of receiving emails from me from time to time, but it's not like I will be spamming you anyway. Other minor changes to come will be little things to improve site navigation and additions to pages that have been under construction. There's also going to be dedicated documentation you can download for mod change-logs, instead of having individual pages for every update for every major mod.

That's about it. Hopefully I will have some more interesting blog posts for you soon in regards to my work and anything else happening.

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