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New Website Released!

Over the past month, I've been creating a complete overhaul of the Darkfox127 Productions website and I'm happy to finally announce that it's here. You are now looking at the new website design which has been built from the ground up. The old site was outdated and being hosted on Weebly, an older service which could no longer provide me with the features I needed.

I have now moved to Wix for hosting the site, as it's a far more modern website builder, not to mention easier to use. I now have more tools at my disposal to over some really great site features. Prior to the website upgrade, I did not pay for hosting or a website builder which limited me and left adverts on the site. This time around I have paid for a full year of hosting and premium services through Wix just to see how it goes.

A quick shout-out to those who have helped fund this by donating to be direct and supporting me over on Patreon as it's been a huge help.

Below you will find a list of just some of the amazing new features of the new website, along with a slideshow of some of what you can expect to see. I will also continue to upgrade the site and more as time goes on.

  • Improved homepage with more clear information and updated links

  • Upgraded blog with the option to subscribe to receive emails on blog posts

  • Cleaner and easier to understand mod pages

  • A new WIP page which will show projects I'm currently working on, along with progress

  • An improved resource page with more options to download files

  • Much cleaner and organised pages for Discord and Twitch

  • A new members page to see the roles of important members of our community

  • Dedicated community mod page for great mods created by others

  • Improved forge page with less clutter and a more functional slideshow

  • An events page so you know when Twitch streams will take place and other great events

  • An improved donation page with detailed information on Patreon

  • Improved contact form with confirmation emails

  • A new sign up feature for the website, allowing access to more backstage content

All of this and more is to be added to the page, including a GAFF page for the new Gorf mod which I am helping create, along with other members of the community.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the new site. Also feel free to leave me feedback on this post or any of the social media you can find me on

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