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Millwater Retreat

Run Your Own Mill


Millwater Retreat is a player home situated on the edge of lake Ilinalta. It’s been left in a broken state after plans to restore it went sideways. Uncover the mystery of this old mill and build it back up into a profitable business with the help of a few labourers or by building it with your own hands and materials. There are other fun secrets to be discovered along the way and features you may not have seen in other mods.


Mod Feature


Mod Story

When I first started modding Skyrim, this was my first player home which quickly became popular for its business mechanics. Seven years on and I’ve rebuilt the mod from scratch, resulting in a far more polished and rewarding experience. Much more time and experience went into this re-creation and I'm incredibly pleased with the final results. Feel free to post your screenshots and videos of your own experiences and I'll add them to the mod page.


Supported Patches

Millwater Retreat supports the following mods natively without the need for any patches. This is for boat travel across Lake Ilinalta to each location and back.

Aurora Village
Mammoth Manor
Lake Haven
Lake Ilinalta Shack
Oars Rest (Upcoming Mod)
Tel Nalta


Special Thanks

Thanks to my partner simsim899 for assistance with a few of the major assets for the mod.

Thanks go to Phayntom for planting the idea in my head and using subliminal messaging to get me working on this project again.

Many thanks to my live stream community for keeping me company and throwing in ideas during the development process.

Credits for assets and other things can be found at the top of the mod page.