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Stream Schedule

Live Streams

At least twice a week, you can find me streaming live mod development over on both Twitch and YouTube as I stream to both platforms simultaneously. During my streams, I work on my various mod projects which involves using tools such as the Creation Kit and diving in-game when necessary to test for bugs or figure out the direction we need to take it.

Live Stream Setup 2020.jpg

Chat Commands

For those of you who wish to interact more in the live stream chats, you can use various commands to find out info, react to fun moments or just to have some fun.

Spotify Music Playlists

During my live streams, I always have people asking what music is playing in the background. For those of you interested, I've compiled a live stream playlist on Spotify which you can listen to.

I'm always trying to add new tracks and you can follow the playlist on your own Spotify tracking.


PC Specifications

Live streaming with a complex setup to provide quality audio and visual can require a powerful computer, especially when you're planning on doing gaming, recording, streaming editing and work all on the same machine.

Below is a link to my Google Sheet which lists all of the tech including peripherals and potential future upgrades.

There's also a separate section for software to give you an idea of what programs I use to suit my needs.

Past Broadcasts

Watch past stream broadcasts on either Twitch or YouTube via the playlist down below. These are unedited and can be up to 3 hours and in some cases.

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