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Oars Rest

New Village


Oars Rest is a new small village found on the edge of Lake Ilinalta. It's a nice small town with secrets for the player to uncover through the use of notes and hidden secrets. Apart from its mystery, it's a perfect stop for travelling adventures such as yourself to stop by, take a breather and sell some of your loot.

One unique feature of this mod that sets it apart from other villages is that various aspects of the village change dynamically. One day there may be a pie ale, whilst another day there's a meat stand where the local hunter is selling their game. For those who have played my house mod, Millwater Retreat will recognise the boat that appears at the docks in Oars Rest. The same merchant and boat will arrive at the docks a few times a week when it's not docked at Millwater, providing a subtle link between the mods. There's also no patch required.


Mod Feature



For this mod, compatibility is an easy one. Any mods which edit the same area can cause issues. You may experience anything from minor clipping to navmesh problems. This mod does edit roughly 6 cells in the Creation Kit and there are some large mods out there in close proximity. Mammoth Manor should also work really nicely alongside this mod as they sit next to each other.


Special Thanks

A big thanks to Phayntom for the location, some mod ideas and general support. Thanks also go to my partner simsim899 for moral support and some minor resources. Many thanks to Enirac for creating some of the signage artwork. XimTheBard for inventing the constipated chicken... don't ask.

Other resource providers are also listed below.