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Mörskom Estate is a large player home situated on the hillside of Dawnstar. The mod comes with a short quest to acquire the home before the player will need to restore the building to its former glory, including the exterior and interior. Depending on your play style, Mörskom can be rebuilt using skill and materials or through the use of paid workers. Mörskom Estate isn't your average player home as it comes with many customisable features and immersive interactions, from lighting your fireplace to making your mead.


Mod Feature


Mod Story

As many of you are already aware, Mörksom Estate was originally a collaboration project between myself and Elianora which was released way back in October of 2014 winning Brodual's house mod of the year. In total, the mod received over 100,000 unique downloads on the Nexus. Fast forward six years and the new Mörskom Estate is being released for legacy and now the Special Edition of Skyrim.

Roughly a year ago, I started work on rebuilding Mörskom from the ground up after being prodded by some members of the community to port the mod over to Special Edition. Initially, I refused to allow anyone else to convert and upload it on our behalf as the mod had become so huge that loading it in the Creation Kit caused the entire program to crash. As successful and ambitious as the project was, it had its issues. After hyping everyone up and then abandoning the new version, I returned to the project with a newfound passion for Mörskom Estate.

Elianora has moved on to Fallout 4 modding and creating exciting new content for the Creation Club, so I went it alone and used my past 8 years of modding experience to rebuild Mörskom Estate almost from the ground up. The result is a far more immersive and fitting house for the side of Dawnstar including many of the much-loved features of the old edition without the bugs and performance issues. The mod has changed greatly, but I think you'll be happy with the changes and the final results.


Special Thanks

The first isn't so much a thank you but a recognition of the part Elianora played in the original creation of Mörskom Estate. She's a wizard when it comes to design and I could never hope to be as talented as she is when it comes to interior clutter.

Next up we have my amazing partner simsim899 who has stuck with me through another insane project which has sucked up many of my hours. She's been my rock and continues to be supporting me in all of my mod projects, along with giving a helping hand on some meshes when needed.

I would also like to thank Phayntom for putting up with my insanity and being a good friend to talk to and share ideas with throughout the majority of the project. You can thank him for prodding me to rebuild it in the first place and encouraging me to continue it.

Many thanks also go to The_Dog_Of_War who created the organ music at the start of this mod along with the soundtrack for the new trailer. He did an amazing job coming out of his comfort zone with the music genre I needed and I couldn't be more grateful.

Of course, I have to thank those of you (you know who you are) who have been watching my live streams through not only the creation of Mörskom Estate but my other projects too. You all keep me focused and continue to provide me with honest feedback on the content I create.