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Welcome to an exciting new video where I'll finally be somewhat officially announcing the re-creation of Morskom Estate. That's not all however as I'll also be showing a preview of the mod in it's current form with a little under an hour of new foota...


Hey everyone, due to two busy weekends coming up, I won't be streaming this coming weekend or the next as I'm going away to see my family and also having family come down to see me. I was planning on streaming today, but I figured it would be a bette...


Hey everyone , the Morskom Estate Rebuild is coming along leaps and bounds and is not far from being in a BETA state. Although I'm not announcing a time for that closed BETA just yet, I have gone ahead and created an improved Trello board which is no...


Hey everyone, I thought it was time to show you all a little of what has been going on in the background during my modding time other than A Cat's Life which is also progressing well. The other day I posted a YouTube Video which discussed the shift o...


Hey everyone, I've gone ahead and released a highlight from one of my latest live streams where I talk about Morskom Estate, why I'm picking the project back up and roughly what my plans for the future in regards to modding are.


Hey everyone, just announcing a little side project I did some time ago called hide and seek which makes playing the game with your children and those running around the world a little more immersive. This mod was just a small idea I had and I decide...