A Cat's Life has now officially been released on the Skyrim Nexus for PC. You can download the mod for Legacy and Special Edition. Download the mod now and become a Crazy Cat Person by adopting and buying cats from one of two stores located in Skyrim. Feed and play with your cats to keep them content. Purchase them a nice bowl or even a cat bed to sleep in from your local store.

A Cat's Life also comes with a collection of compatibility patches for some of the most popular mods out there to ensure you have a seamless gameplay experience including Open Cities and needs mods like Realistic Needs a& Diseases and iNeed.

A huge thanks go out to the community for the continued support and I hope you all enjoy the mod! Download Now

Hey @everyone, I'm not returning to live streaming until next week, maybe Wednesday or Saturday. The reason being is that my Internet keeps cutting out from the warm temps we've had here in the UK the last few days. Yes, it's warm for us brits because we do not have air conditioning, meaning both the humans and the technology suffer from the heat. We've got a plan in place to increase our Internet package slightly to get the new mesh Wifi from our provider which should provide better and more stable Internet coverage around the house.

I'm still working on some Oars Rest in the background and am looking at the reports people have provided me on the final A Cat's Life beta which went out last week. I'll be able to get another large mod released and finish off a side project. At that point, I'll be looking at what's next for me in the modding scene and what we will be doing in live streams.

I look forward to talking with you all again next week. Happy Modding!

I'm finally getting back into live streaming on a regular basis but I'll be cutting down a little on both live streaming and modding Skyrim. The reason being is that I've been a little burnt out on the modding scene and Skyrim doesn't have the active community that it once had.

With that said, I do wish to continue to mod Skyrim for a while prior to the release of what will hopefully be another hit Elder Scrolls title from Bethesda, assuming we'll have similar modding tools available to the community for whatever their next Elder Scrolls might be.

My plan is to not only continue with my two remaining mod projects A Cat's Life and Oars Rest but to branch out into a territory many have been doing for some time; let's play content. I'm not planning on becoming the next Gopher, I just want to finally play the game I've been modding for the past 8+ years and enjoy some of the rest of the great content the community has created over the years.

This keeps my Twitch channel relevant to Skyrim and also keeps things a little fresh for me. I'll be doing one live stream midweek every Wednesday at 17:00 BST which will involve modding Skyrim and then one stream every Saturday at 16:00 BST doing my own little casual let's play of Skyrim.

This weekend on Saturday will see me returning to live streaming on a regular basis with a test stream for Skyrim to see how my recent computer upgrade to SSD storage performs during live streaming gameplay. All going well, the schedule will begin next week.

So please let me know your thoughts and I look forward to seeing you in the streams!

Live Stream Info Here