I'm finally getting back into live streaming on a regular basis but I'll be cutting down a little on both live streaming and modding Skyrim. The reason being is that I've been a little burnt out on the modding scene and Skyrim doesn't have the active community that it once had.

With that said, I do wish to continue to mod Skyrim for a while prior to the release of what will hopefully be another hit Elder Scrolls title from Bethesda, assuming we'll have similar modding tools available to the community for whatever their next Elder Scrolls might be.

My plan is to not only continue with my two remaining mod projects A Cat's Life and Oars Rest but to branch out into a territory many have been doing for some time; let's play content. I'm not planning on becoming the next Gopher, I just want to finally play the game I've been modding for the past 8+ years and enjoy some of the rest of the great content the community has created over the years.

This keeps my Twitch channel relevant to Skyrim and also keeps things a little fresh for me. I'll be doing one live stream midweek every Wednesday at 17:00 BST which will involve modding Skyrim and then one stream every Saturday at 16:00 BST doing my own little casual let's play of Skyrim.

This weekend on Saturday will see me returning to live streaming on a regular basis with a test stream for Skyrim to see how my recent computer upgrade to SSD storage performs during live streaming gameplay. All going well, the schedule will begin next week.

So please let me know your thoughts and I look forward to seeing you in the streams!

Live Stream Info Here

Hey everyone, today I'll be returning to the modding seat and streaming work on A Cat's Life, a project I started some time ago but never got over the finish line. There have been some minor improvements since it was last shown off to the community and I'll be continuing to polish the project and finish some final features.

I'm unsure at the moment if I'll be continuing to stream through the week as adjusting to working from home is taking its toll. Let's see how this stream today goes and we can assess the weeks to come, given current world events making everything a little hard on people at the moment.

So if you wish to join me, I'll be streaming today at 14:30 GMT over on Twitch and YouTube.

I look forward to seeing some of you there!

Hey everyone, due to current world events and the two large mod releases I've just had, there have been no live streams for some time. I've been having to do a little overtime at work which has now settled and spend time testing, fixing and releasing mods. This has left little time or even the will to live stream. I did mention prior to the release of Mörskom Estate that you wouldn't see me for a while.

I'm planning on seeing what tomorrow brings and how I feel. I may start streaming again continuing work on other mod projects or I may decide to leave it until next week, play some games and let my brain recharge. It will most likely be the latter.

If I don't feel like modding for a little while, I've been planning a little Skyrim lets play for some time for live streams which given my current PC stats and Internet speeds should now be possible, so we will see what the next week brings.

I'm currently working from home until further notice meaning that I can start streams when I'm ready and have a lot more free time. On the other hand, it means I'm spending more time slumped in my chair.